Deadly Season

The podcast Deadly Season is the story of murder in the small resort town of Cape May, NJ. When Bert Peterson, a local Bed & Breakfast owner, is found floating face down in the drink, the heat is on to find a killer and, except for rogue cop Roy Mead, the Cape May police are clueless. Roy, in the tradition of Bogart and the Film-Noir classics of the 40′s, has his own way of dealing with the criminal element and it isn’t pretty. Roy follows every twisted turn that will lead him to the startling conclusions of Deadly Season.


Stockpot 2006

On April 17, 2006, volume 32 of Stockpot, the literary magazine of Stockton College, arrived on campus. Its publication was celebrated with a reading by several of the authors. You can hear the reading below.

the reading straight through (45:46).

Nathan Long & Donna Huneke

Scott Paul Barnes
“The Effect of One Moonlit Night on the Life of a Nine-Year-Old Boy in Cowboy Pajamas”

Andrew DeLong
“Post Cretaceous,” “Sometimes Laughter, Sometimes Tears,” “Narration,” “Visnomy”

Rachel Bunting
“Expectation,” “Carnival,” “Wildflowers,” “Falling for the Girl Who Quotes Cummings”

Kim Grey
“If I Met an Angel,” Testicular Cancer,” “Poet”

Lisa Longo
“No Trace of Lipstick,” “A Violin in New York City”

Michael Rivero
“Changing the Title”

Ashley Ayrer
“Room Service,” “Double Meat Palace,” “Fan Candy”

Tony Battaglia
“Misidentification,” “Consequences of Gravity,” “Alienation”

Donna Huneke
“The Devil’s Tree,” “The Tender”

Donna Huneke


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