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This is the electronic archive of the Literature Program at Stockton College. It was begun in mid-August 2007.

Please contact Thomas.Kinsella@stockton.edu with questions or comments.

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September 22, 2007. The project is moving along. Twenty-four years of coordinator reports have been posted; the rest will appear shortly. More than thirty entries related to The Bash have been posted, along with three complete 5-Year Reviews (the first and the last two), three Bulletins, and a wide range of miscellaneous material.

I began scanning items on my HP??, experimenting by scanning documents at various resolutions. I settled on 300 dpi, saving each page as a pdf, and then stitching them together with Adobe Acrobat. The resulting files were often quite large; I reduced their size, again using Adobe Acrobat, so that they were smaller but remained compatible with Adobe Acrobat 5. Recently, I have been using the divisional HP ?? scanner. It has a sheet feeder, delightful for the longer texts, and stitches the pages together after first running them through OCR software. I am pleased with the results.