Creative Writing

This concentration is designed for students who are interested in developing creative writing skills. Students choosing this concentration take, in addition to literature courses, a variety of creative writing courses to develop their style, technique, and range of writing.

In addition to the common core (Literary Interpretation, Introduction to Research in Literature and Senior Seminar, which all must be taken at Stockton) students must complete a sequence of courses in creative writing (8 credits, two courses):

  • LITT 2237 Introduction to Creative Writing*
  • LITT 3270 Craft and Theory Workshop**

*All students must take LITT 2237: Introduction to Creative Writing at Stockton. (Students who have completed an introductory creative writing course at another institution may transfer that course as a creative writing elective.)

**may not be repeated for credit

Students will then choose at least two additional advanced LITT creative writing workshops (8 credits, two courses), including but not limited to:

  • LITT 3601 Memoir Workshop
  • LITT 3635 Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop***
  • LITT 3636 Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop***
  • LITT 3637 Flash Fiction Workshop***

***may be repeated once for credit

Creative Writing Electives (8 credits, two courses):

In addition to the required courses above, students will select two W1 electives in creative writing, including but not limited to:

  • LITT 2160 Playwriting
  • LITT 2173 Writing Speculative Fiction
  • LITT 3155 Advanced Spoken Word
  • LITT 3271 Experimental Writing Workshop
  • LITT 3272 Avant-Garde Poetry Workshop
  • LITT 3601 Memoir Workshop
  • LITT 3637 Flash Fiction Workshop

*Note: Many W1 G-courses may also fulfill the Creative Writing Elective requirement, but will count as G-courses in the General Studies area of the student’s curriculum; the student will need to take additional LITT Elective/Cognates to meet the 64-credit LITT requirement. Approved courses include but are not limited to:

  • GAH 1124 Introduction to Screenwriting
  • GAH 2260 Humor Writing
  • GAH 3611 Creative Nonfiction Workshop
  • GAH 4611 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop
  • GIS 3307 Why Poetry Matters
  • GAH 3613 Writer Editor Workshop
  • GSS 3282 Writing the Travel Story
  • GAH 3301 Spiritual Autobiography
  • GAH 3604 The Personal Essay
  • GEN 3612 Writing About Nature

Other LITT requirements (16 credits, four courses)

Students must complete four additional literature courses:

  • LITT 3xxx or 4xxx*
  • LITT 3xxx or 4xxx*
  • LITT 3xxx or 4xxx
  • LITT 3xxx or 4xxx

*At least one of these 3000- or 4000-level courses must focus on literature written before 1700, and another must focus on 1900-present literature.

Creative writing workshops may not be used to meet these 3000-level requirements. It is strongly recommended, but not mandatory, that creative writing students take Shakespeare (LITT 3205).

Other Electives/Cognates (12 -24 credits, three to six courses):

Languages & Culture Studies Requirement:

Literature majors with a Creative Writing concentration must choose one of the following four options to complete the Languages & Culture Studies requirement:

  • Option 1: The student completes the study of one language through the Beginning II level with a grade of C or better. (This normally calls for two semesters of study in one language.) (4-8 credits)
  • Option 2: The student completes one of the following interdisciplinary culture studies minors: Africana Studies, Disability Studies, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Global Studies, Jewish Studies, Latin and Caribbean Studies, or Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. LITT courses used to satisfy the minor may not be used for the major except as electives/cognates. (Minor requirements: 20-21 credits)
  • Option 3: The student completes one semester of study abroad. Credit transfer varies.
  • Option 4: The student “tests out” of the Languages & Culture Studies requirement by achieving a score of “Novice High” on the ACTFL oral proficiency exam or other approved testing option.

For information on testing consult:


  • These are courses in other ARHU programs (ARTV, COMM, DANC, HIST, LANG, MUSC, PHIL, THTR) or in closely related disciplines outside ARHU, determined in consultation with a program G-courses will not be considered cognates
  • Electives can be any additional LITT course.

Creative Writing concentration students with a strong project and appropriate academic record may opt for a creative thesis, instead of taking Senior Seminar.  The student should first find a Literature faculty member to oversee the project, then write a proposal, which must be approved by the program.