Reading Courses

On-line Reading Lists offered by the Stockton Literature program are designed for the self-motivated Literature student who wants to explore areas of study not generally or frequently offered within traditional program offerings.

In consultation with the On-Line Readings Coordinator, students select 1- or 2-credit reading lists within a particular area of study. Independent study forms must be completed, properly submitted, and appropriate tuition paid. Students need to order and buy required texts. We suggest you try Borders Bookstore or order over the internet from Materials are read at the student’s own pace–not to exceed one semester–and grades are based on a comprehensive written exam.

Students may enroll in more than one on-line readings course, but they may not enroll more than once in any particular area. For example, a student who has studied Medieval drama for 1 credit may not reenroll later and read further drama for an additional credit.

Current reading lists include:

  1. Medieval Drama
  2. Travel Literature
  3. Stream of Consciousness Literature
  4. Feminist Literary Theory

For information or to arrange for one of the Online Reading Courses, write the present OLC Examiner.