Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities:

Pathways to Healing is a club dedicated to wellness, meditation, and therapeutic writing practices. Sign up for their e-mail list serve and their fun activities schedule,

Literature Club will meet weekly. Sign up to receive their updates via their Facebook page here.

Stockpot the literary print magazine on campus will need editors! Contact to inquire about the editorial team membership, meeting times, and places.

The Argo is the University’s student newspaper and although it is not run by the Literature Program per se, we invite all Literature majors to feel free to write articles and send them in for consideration to the editor Kat Wentzel: stocktonargo at gmail d0t com.

New: Blunderbuss on-line magazine. Professor Nović wants to bring existing online literary magazine Blunderbuss to Stockton and she needs your help! If you have interest in serving in an editorial capacity for an online magazine, or want to learn more, email here. Tell your COMM and visual art friends, too!