Now that more and more classrooms are adding computers, online applications and other technologies to the normal school days to further the education of the students (and even the teachers)

There are many concerns with doing things online: Will it be hard? Will I be able to understand how to use this? How will the students react? Is it actually beneficial for my students?

Starting to incorporate online application in the class room can start slowly, with no frills or fuss! Using Teach-nology’s time line generator. Creating a simplistic timeline with up to six events with their dates. EASY! This can be used in any class with any age group that is able to use a computer!

Children in elementary school could create timelines of their lives to show to the class (like the simple one I have created above), while college students can use them to outline papers and presentations.

Teach-nology’s website also offers many other useful applications that could be used in a classroom setting for either a teacher or student.

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