Inaugural Address

John F. Kennedy was sworn into office in January of 1961. This speech addressed the citizens of America along with the citizens of the world concerned about foreign relations. The purpose of this speech was to unify the nation and to asses Kennedy’s future visions for America. Kennedy promised that he will go to any level to assure America’s freedom and triumph. Kennedy encouraged Americans to “ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country.”  During this statement, Kennedy strived to motivate Americans to take action and voice their opinions to help their country achieve their goals. This speech was directed to discuss the goals of how to improve foreign relations and to inspire Americas to help their country’s success.

Kennedy starting his Inaugural Speech Source: JFK Library & Museum

Official document for JFK making the Inaugural Speech Source: JFK Library & Museum

Kennedy stated a variety of strong arguments in this speech that described new visions for America. One argument he addressed was that change is necessary in order to improve the country; to make a new America. To support this argument, he expressed that America is a product of the change from the past. Also, Kennedy argued that if Americans want to see future change, Americans must contribute to the change. The future he had Americans imagine consisted of a peaceful world and stable society. He made this argument to give motivation to Americans so that they could create a better America.