Portrait of our 35th President John F. Kennedy. Source: jfklibrary.org


John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, was the youngest man to be elected as president. He was an American politician whose contributions he made to the United States cannot be measured. JFK served as a representative of the United States (1947-1953),  United States Senator (1953-1960), and finally, President of the United States (1961-1963).  Born to a wealthy family on May 29, 1917, JFK lived a fortunate life with his eight siblings that included excellent, but also bad memories. Kennedy’s educational background set him up to successful throughout his life. He spent one semester at Princeton University before he transferred to Harvard University in 1936 where he excelled in his academic life as well as social life. Kennedy’s senior thesis, Why England Slept, described the reasons as to why Britain was so unprepared to fight Germany in World War II, which in 1940, became published as a book.  He served as a naval officer in the US Navy until his discharge in 1946. JFK held positions as representative of the United States (1947-1953),  United States Senator (1953-1960), and finally, President of the United States (1961-1963).

John F. Kennedy revolutionized American politics. Once he was elected president, his addressed the nation with a speech that Americans still rave about this day. His Inaugural Address is  one of the most powerful and influential speeches in history. Kennedy and his administration focused on the economical stability for Americans. He went through with the decision to create a tax cut of $11.1 billion for individuals and businesses which resulted to economic growth in America. Establishing the Peace Corps, a huge contribution to US history, Kennedy was able to convince Americans to help out underdeveloped nations with programs in education, construction, farming, and health care. As a result to this, many Americans strived to help the success of 139 countries.  Striving to raise funds for education and  medical care for elderly,  Kennedy created the New Frontier program. Both of these successes in Kennedy’s career does not compare to the success of the Space Program. While racing the Soviet Union to get to the moon first, Kennedy was eager to succeed to boast America’s ego, which America was in need of. This lead to an extreme improvement in America’s space technology.

JFK’s accomplishments and legacy will be remembered forever by Americans, and citizens, all over the world. His contributions to the improvement of America, and the world, will never be forgotten because of the positive outcomes that came out of his presidency. His optimism personality, and determination for excellence, is what made him the remarkable president that we know today.


JFK in office. Source: republicanherald.com


This website shows an overview of what John F. Kennedy had accomplished during his short time here on Earth. The Background section takes a look at his life prior to his presidency. It continues through his schooling, which leads into his Presidency. The Presidency tab has information to what Kennedy had accomplished during his presidency. There are drop down navigations with more information about the President’s public relations and his involvement in the Space Race. One of the most important duties performed by the President is his ability to public speak. This website takes a look into three crucial speeches Kennedy performed, followed by critiques. Lastly, the website ends with his assassination. Several sources have different outlooks on the assassination which are discussed in the Assassination tab. A drop down is also included with a New York Times article that was written the day after the President was shot. The website concludes with a Bibliography of sources used.