“How To Google Like A Pro”


GOOGLE LIKE A PRO”-Learning about this topic covered in the course GEN-2108 was interesting to share with others that are experiencing similar difficulties like me. As some people are aware, Google provides several great tools that are available at no cost. It only takes time to learn how these tools work and anyone could become an expert. One of the services provided by Google is “Google Search” when looking for information it has become a key tool used globally. I benefit from this tool mostly everyday, but I spend too much time when searching for the information that could be relevant to my research. 

I believe this is an issue that other people has encounter when using  Google Search. I feel frustrated when I cannot find the information that I need to collect from the internet. 

There are search engines to find information online such as: Google Search. It provides a list of websites with posssible information relevant to the person’s inquiry. It is useful to know how Google retrieve information based on the demands of the search to save time and to received better options of the places that can provide you with such data. It reqires time when finding proper material; especially when there are more than one place to collected it. Learning some techinques that could make the research experience faster and more valuable is a key point. There are useful tips Google provides to help users reduce the time  they spend finding their query. 




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