Norms of Online Global Collaboration: 1-Be Prepare, 2-Have a Purpose

To become a successful Online Global Collaborator, global educators and global education leaders who participate in this project have the responsibility of building a deeper understanding of the eight Norms of Online Global Collaboration: Be Prepare, Have a Purpose, Be able to Paraphrase, Be able to Perceive, Participate, Be Positive, Be Productive, Realize the Potential. This blog is going to focus in the first two norms.

Norm #1 Be Prepare– As part of the process to constructing any project Prepareness must be included in the first steps including when working on Online Global Collaboration. Before educators contribute in the online global collaboration as part to be prepare is to build a Plan-a plan for connecting. A plan for connecting must include all the tools that could make this work as its potential, and lead the collaboration to be successful.Tools such as: social media websites like Twitter, digital technology devices, e-mails for private messages, learning apps, collaborative tools like Google Docs, and Skype; when choosing them it is essential that the tools are accessible to all students. Those are examples of some of the tools used by online educators in their modern global teaching experience. There are numerous of tools that allow educators from all over the world to share their knowledge and learn together with other educators/students. As part to be prepare, it is also necessary to make sure the tools chosen work properly before hand.

Another part for the plan for connecting is to have a¬†form of communication¬†between the educator and students that has been decided for planning, discussions, and collaboration. Build an “effective” communication by responding e-mails, comments, and revising classroom activities is crutial for the educators and students.

As part of the process of becoming prepare to be an online global educator; it is also important to previously research the student’s cultures and their form of learning with the aim to have a perception on barriers and learning difficulties that they my encounter through their learning experience.

Norm #2 Have a Purpose- This norm introduces the idea that any progect has to have a purpose, and educators must have a clear purpose for participating in online collaboration. Before connecting to a group of learners; the set goals should be the main target to be achieve at the end of the lesson. This allows global collaborators to provide instructions and a plan that will lead to the main purpose. Having a determined purpose for online global collaboration will also displayed the longetivity of the project based on the amount of activities learners will need to achieve the goal/goals of the topic.


A Possible purpose for Online Global Collaboration-Cultural Exchange

Learning about diversity is has been a topic for interest in encorporating it to the educational system. Leaving in a world where different cultures have developed and people immigrating to other countries from all parts of the continents should be a major topic to be teach at all levels of education. It is a great experience to be able to learn about other people’s culture, traditions, values and beliefs. A cultural exchange learning experience could be crucial in pursuing everyone to collaborate in solving real-world problems

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