A World of Opportunities Beyond Facebook

This course has introduced me to a whole new world of opportunities I knew existed but was not interested or capable of learning about. The first and only social media channel I use is Facebook. I use it to stay in touch with family and friends and to find out about breaking news and other information. I keep my Facebook very private and never thought that it could be a tool for communicating with educators, students and other professionals in my field. I also did not understand the value of using other social media channels and digital tools for educational and professional purposes.

The assignments and the readings from The Global Educator have taught me how to create and manage a Twitter account to connect with educators and professionals.

You can find me on Twitter @GoRiverah6. Since joining Twitter I have gained 36 followers and am following 66 users.

Also, this class has taught me how to create a blog and why it is important to read other blogs. This exercise has helped me work on my writing and expand my network. Here are some of the blogs I am following:

Quartz: https://qz.com/

Ai2020: http://ai2020.com/

The ACCE Daily: http://paper.li/ACCE_AU/1483727865#/

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