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I had the opportunity to watch a Netflix series “La Niña” is a show based on a true story, the life experienced of a Colombian female, she was taken by force by the Colombian Revels La Guerrilla or FARC (Revolutionary Arm Forces Of Colombia)  at the age of 8 years old. At the age of 15, she was able to scape, and  had to faced the conflicts of the real world. She had to reintegrate to society, and adjust to a new  lifestyle away from the mountains and forest where she was taken to live by the Guerrilla. With struggles she become a successful doctor student in a well known University in Colombia supported by close friends and family.  Not only the series tells the storie of the main character’s experience when she was a member of the group, but also it demostrate the different social groups of Colombia and their lifestyles.


Stories like the one from the character of “La Niña” are common in some countries, this is a perfect example of the story of many children around the world. these are social issues that several cultures confront constantly, the war against government opposition leads to change the life of civilians that in some occasions are forced to fight against their will. I am from Honduras, Central America, in comparison to my culture where majority of the population is against the government revolutionary groups similar to FARC are not common. I have been living in the USA for half of my life, and a percentage of the population is oppose to the new President;however, I could assure that this could not be a problem children from this country could challenge.

Another dilemma from the series was cases of corruption in the local police department. In Honduras Similar to Colombia and other countries concerns of corruption in the law enforcement happen every day. In Honduran culture some people take advantage of the power they have been given to use it for negative behavior against the population. Again this is a global problem.

On the other hand, the series was film in some cities of Colombia; it gives the audience an opportunity to have an idea of the culture. It demostrates the difference in neighborhood styles in different countries, also it shows that in some cities is colder than others. You can also appreciate the values of the culture. People are welcoming, friendship is very valuable and supportive. In Central and South America education is of high importance; even the poorest people intent to get an education, and you can appreciate this observation in “La Niña”

You can also appreciate how important it is to speak with respect to others. One phrase that I enjoyed the most is “si señora” common frace use by Colombian people which means

“yes ma’am

The main purpose of the series is not to build a negative perseption of the Colombian culture, but rather is a message of coruage, values, strength, and diversity.

It is a great source for someone who is interested in learning about the Colombian culture.


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