Twitter Experience, Shared Personal Thoughts As A New User

One of the social media tools used in  my GEN 2108 course required to sign up for Twitter,  this was my first experience with it; I have a count with Facebook and Instagram. My Instagram account I only log in several times and then I lost interest and diceded  to discontinue the use of it, but I was never interested to joining more than one social media site. When I was ask to sign up for Twitter I felt overwhelm, especially because you have to stay active in posting, edchats, and read at the others students post, I thought to myself “Another social media website that I need to keep up with”

My expectations of  social media were more negative than positive. I never thought of them as being a strong tool that could be used for educational purposes, rather than just a place on the internet were people shared their thoughts, pictures, and their personal social activities daily.  I honestly was not happy when I signed up for Twitter, it was difficult for me to learned how to post  and use Hashtags. Considering that I am behind in the latest digital technology it takes me longer to learn managing this tools. After several weeks of using it I am still confused how to find the correct twitt for me to share.

Another difficulty that I faced is when posting a thought; I get nevervous because I am not sure if my sentences make sense since you can only write a limit of words.

I have learned that Twitter could be a potential educational tool were you can built and expand your network with people that are in your field, and also learn from other students and educators that are willing to share their knowledge. In addition, You can ask others about a topic that you are not familiar with and people most of the time respond with helpful ideas.

I am aware that I need to become more active as a Twitter user to be able to grow my social network as well as take advantage of this helpful tool that could allow me to become updated of new technology techniques that are around. I am still learning how to work this site but I know if I continue to frequently log in and play around with it will have great benefits in the future.

I had few opportunities to chat with other people; one chat that I had with another student from my class which had an impact on me was about a post she mention the benefit of drinking less Soda. It caused for me to reflect on my childhood where we replaced drinking soda intead of drinking water without thinking of the damages it can cause on health. I could relate to that post.

I added this helpful video that I always go back when I forget basic information about Twitter to help other beginner users.


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