Blog Post Seven – Steve Green and The Elevators

In the beginning of the spring semester, I had the pleasure to enjoy a great night of music on Monday, January 30th. The songs were performed by a group I had previously not heard of called Steve Green and The Elevators. The main artist of the group was the talented Steve Green, who was accompanied by a few other brilliant musicians to form one interesting night of entertainment. I had such a great time listening to them that night because their music incorporated all different types of styles. These styles included jazz, rock, hip-hop, gospel, and much more that surprisingly when all came together were actually quite good!

I felt so inclined to see them that night for the reason that I wanted to broaden my taste in music. The other reason was that I used to play the electric guitar before I came to college. I was hoping that from watching others play an instrument I used to take so much pride in, would spark my interest to play again, which it did. However, although the event did spark my interest to pick up my guitar again, I was more inspired to play the music I initially loved, instead of the new music I was exposed to that night. In the end though, the crowd and I still really enjoyed the songs that were played for us and I encourage others to visit their website and take pleasure in their music.

Blog Post Six – Stockton’s 11th Annual SIBS Event

On Saturday March 31st, 2012, the 11th Annual SIBS event at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey took place. The event was from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Sports Center and was really great. As a freshman, this is the first SIBS event I attended and it was so much fun I can not wait for the event next year. My parents and family were not able to come down to the event, so I invited my boyfriend to spend the day with me attending the different activities the school was offering that day, such as the Environmental Forum earlier that morning and the movie night later on in the evening.

Although the event was more aimed towards younger children, for example the featured blow-up attractions, my boyfriend and I were still able to enjoy the event. The first thing we did was take our picture in the booth set up in the middle of the gym. After that, we grabbed a plate of food and watched the K-9 unit and police officer presentations. My boyfriend is a police officer so the presentations were really entertaining to the both of us. Even though we were not able to stay for the rest of the event, we acknowledged some of the groups that made the day possible included the Hero Campaign, Neighborhood Watch, SAFER, Atlantic County SWAT, Atlantic City Bomb Squad, NJ State Police CSI, South Jersey Fire Departments, and south Jersey EMS Units.

Blog Post Five – Service Learning Project (Spring 2012)

Although I participated in Service Learning for the Honors Program in the fall of 2011, my Service Learning project for this semester has felt like a whole new experience. For the spring semester I have completed my Service Learning for two courses, the Honors Program and Public Health Marketing. Since this is my second time completing a Service Learning Project, I feel as if I truly understand the purpose of the program now. This time around has been different because I have completed more hours and am more involved in the cause I am promoting.

At first I tried to find a site that appealed to my major, Public Health Pre-Physical Therapy, and my minor, Holistic Health. However, I wanted to try something a bit different and decided to complete marketing work for the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum, located in the Shore Mall. The site I choose was different, yet still appealed to my love of working with and for children. Through the Service Learning office, I was put into touch with the company that does marketing for the museum, Ugly Baby Marketing. I was introduced to two wonderful women in charge of the business, Sherri Brentari and Karen Komo, as well as another Stockton student, Stephanie Mak. We all began collaborating ideas to bring more attention to the museum.

We really want everyone to know of the joys the Jersey Shore Museum offers. It is such a great, fun place for children to get a hands-on learning experience through the use of fun, themed exhibits. It is our responsibility to spread the word about such a unique place right in our own neighborhood. I have been having so much fun completing this project that I have decided to minor in Marketing and possibly pursue a part time job opportunity in this field. Hopefully, I will participate in Service Learning the next semester here at Stockton and continue to help other non-profit organizations in the area, or help the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum even more.