Cars 2

I am a commuter. I am a movie lover. I did not know that Stockton had movie nights on Thursdays and Saturdays and when I found out, I sure freaked out. I think for anyone who doesn’t know about this, I hope you read this blog, or some other blog that tells you about it because its just such a fun thing to do (for movie lovers) that I just decided to write this blog as another way to get the word out to those of you who didn’t know.
I took my brother Ilia; he’s nine, to the Cars 2 movie night. He had a great time. I don’t think you are limited to just taking Stockton students. I think its open to the public but only Stockton students get the raffle tickets. Now not only is the movie free, they give you a snack, they give you a drink, they give you a free raffle ticket, then they raffle off more free stuff, and they even had cookies. It doesn’t get better than this. Now they show the same movie on Thursday and Saturday so if you have a busy day on Friday then you have that Saturday option. Or if you just want something to do, on a boring Saturday night then head on over to the Campus Center theatre at around 8 cause the movie starts at 8:30 and you want to get good seats.
I just want to thank who ever that came up with this cause I’m personally going to try and go to as many as I can. I hope at least one person benefited from this by learning about the movie night on Thursdays and Saturdays. If you go online and write “movie night” in the search box on you can find a list of movies that they are showing on each date. I’m pretty sure Harry Potter is going to be shown really soon, just letting you Harry Potter fans know.