Blog Post Nine – Building Battles

On Tuesday March 27th, I woke up looking forward to a whole day of no classes and attending Building Battles! The reason we had no classes was because it was Preceptor Day for the upper class-men so I was excited to spend the day “battling the other buildings.” I have had the pleasure to part take in this event as a result of staying on campus in the dorms for my freshman year. The entire day was filled with great music, food, and activities for each building. The day was set up so that each building would be challenging the others in all different types of competitions.

These competitions were super fun, but some difficult for my building of all girls, such as the Tug-a-War battle. There was a Stockton Trivia Quiz, in which I learned some new, fun facts about the school, such as the tunnel connecting the bottom of F-Wing to the Campus Center. My floor even won the blueberry pie eating contest, and like I said we were all girls! My favorite battles were the two giant blow-up activities. The most fun blow-up was the two huge connected slides that you had to race your opponent on, and I am happy to say I won on that one! We took a break to enjoy delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers that had been provided for us. The rest of the day consisted of a flag battles, pyramid-people building, and much more. I wish I could stay in the dorms next year to do this event again!