Blog Post Five – Service Learning Project (Spring 2012)

Although I participated in Service Learning for the Honors Program in the fall of 2011, my Service Learning project for this semester has felt like a whole new experience. For the spring semester I have completed my Service Learning for two courses, the Honors Program and Public Health Marketing. Since this is my second time completing a Service Learning Project, I feel as if I truly understand the purpose of the program now. This time around has been different because I have completed more hours and am more involved in the cause I am promoting.

At first I tried to find a site that appealed to my major, Public Health Pre-Physical Therapy, and my minor, Holistic Health. However, I wanted to try something a bit different and decided to complete marketing work for the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum, located in the Shore Mall. The site I choose was different, yet still appealed to my love of working with and for children. Through the Service Learning office, I was put into touch with the company that does marketing for the museum, Ugly Baby Marketing. I was introduced to two wonderful women in charge of the business, Sherri Brentari and Karen Komo, as well as another Stockton student, Stephanie Mak. We all began collaborating ideas to bring more attention to the museum.

We really want everyone to know of the joys the Jersey Shore Museum offers. It is such a great, fun place for children to get a hands-on learning experience through the use of fun, themed exhibits. It is our responsibility to spread the word about such a unique place right in our own neighborhood. I have been having so much fun completing this project that I have decided to minor in Marketing and possibly pursue a part time job opportunity in this field. Hopefully, I will participate in Service Learning the next semester here at Stockton and continue to help other non-profit organizations in the area, or help the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum even more.