Blog Post Fifteen – Freshman Life at Stockton College

Throughout the fall and spring semesters here at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, I have become a more responsible and confident individual. Not only have these feelings been a result of dorming and having a meal plan, but the services available to the students here have also been a great help. As I have previously mentioned, the Honors Program has played a large role, as well as the fitness programs and the nutritionist have helped me adjust to college life. There are also other services on campus that I have taken advantage of, such as the Academic Advising and the Career Center. The Service Learning Office has also played a large role because my outlook on service projects has improved immensely since arriving on campus. I am writing this blog from my point of view as a freshman student because I want other students that are possibly not on campus to realize what is available to them and experience the same feelings I have.