Celebration of Service

On April 10, 2012, Richard Stockton College held its annual Celebration of Service. This event was located in the lower F Wing of the main campus building, and lasted throughout the day. This even gave students the opportunity to showcase the research, internships, and volunteer activities that they have recently participated in, or are currently undertaking. Dozens of posters and presentations were used to show passing faculty, staff, and students what interesting and captivation work is being done by the college’s students.
Many different forms of posters could be seen lining the hall of lower F Wing, including those for campus clubs such as Circle K, Water Watch, and Energy Corps. Also included were posters to inform passers about the college’s offered services such as learning access programs and counseling. There were also posters for Strategies to Develop Comfort in Social Situations for College Students, Coping with Stress, and Resources at Stockton. Posters created to bring current problems to light, such as a lack of physical disability accessible resources on campus (i.e. bathrooms, water fountains, computers, etc.), were also presented. Posters were also presented to raise awareness for Alternative Spring Break programs, Books without Borders, the Campus Kitchen, and the Children’s Museum in Jersey Shore.
Overall, Stockton’s Celebration of Service offered a great opportunity for these students to show off what they have accomplished, explain what they are currently involved in, and raise awareness of what should be done in the future. This event allowed for students and faculty alike to see what was, is, and should be going on at Richard Stockton’s campus, hopefully allowing us all to come together and make it a more beneficial and productive environment for current and future generations.

First Annual Celebration of Service

Today is the Celebration of Service Showcase lead by the Office of Service-Learning, Office of Student Development, and the Honors Program. It is in F-wing Atrium from 10am to 2pm. This event opened with Marc Lowenstein’s introductory remarks. His remarks were titled, “The Past, Present, and Future of Service Learning at Stockton.”

I went to support these different presentations and service projects. Both of the organizations that I did my service projects were there and had an area in order to recruit more people, which made me happy. Circle K and Water Watch are the two organizations that I have volunteered with. Circle K does various activities throughout the week and the one that brings the most joy to me is sewing teddy bears and stuffing them for children that have a terminal illness. Water Watch held a beach sweep last semester when we all went to Atlantic City to clean up the beach and I found out that they are hosting another one at the end of April that I plan on attending.

I was also able to stop by Student Development’s station in order to learn about the alternative Spring Break where students go to North Carolina and work with Habitat for Humanity and build a house for an underprivileged family. I plan on trying to do that next year because I personally think that is a very effective way for me to spend my Spring Break, by helping others that need it. This Celebration of Service was very helpful and was an easy way to get a quick glance of all of the opportunities that Stockton has to volunteer. I cannot wait for next year when I will be able to dedicate even more time to the lives of others.


Blog 16: Celebration of Service

On April 10th, 2012 the First Annual Celebration of Service was held.  The event was set up in the F-wing Atrium in front of the library.  Group of students presented their own or their club’s ideas and achievements in service learning and helping out their community in various ways.  On group presented Anti-Hunger, made up of many different clubs that worked in soup kitchen to help feed the hungry.  The Circle K club was there, showing their many achievements in service learning.  One group called Books Without Borders showed their work in collecting old books to send to less fortunate countries so they have the same learning opportunities as us.  The Eastern Service Workers Association was there, showing their work in preserving the livelihood of the working class.  There was also a poster their showing the work that was done by Habitat for Humanity in their alternative spring break.  There were even a few posters there about things at Stockton like how the school caters to people with disabilities, resources at Stockton, how to concentrate to study better, and how to deal with stress.  One fellow Honor freshmen, Angelica Pezzino, was presenting her service project which was the Celebration of Creativity Student Art Show through the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum. One section of the project is pre-K, daycare, and elementary school classes competing in an art contest to win a trip to the museum.  Angelica’s part of the project is the poster contest which is aimed more at college art students.  The winner of this gets their poster on the next issue of Jersey Shore Family and on the Atlantic Shore Living Website.  This project keeps creativity alive in schools in order to help children learn and become more interested in expressing themselves.