TAing for Chem and Bio

This is about being a Teacher’s Assistant and the process involved with that. First you have to have taken the class you will be TA-ing for and also the lecture that comes with the class and have a grade of A (ok, this part I don’t remember, it’s either A- and above or A alone) in both. Then I recommend getting your schedule for spring together before approaching the teachers because you want to make sure the lab you are planning on TA-ing for is going to fit into your schedule without any conflicts.
Next you want to approach the professor and ask them if they need a TA. In some cases, their sections might be full so you want to make sure that they are free and that they want you. Then when you get an OK from the professor there is some paper work involved and paper work is always annoying and never fun BUT keep in mind the end goal. The end goal is fun.
I TA for Dr.Wohlrab for chemistry 1 and it is a lot of fun. If you are prepared and know your stuff, this will be a stress-free job. You basically go around and help the students individually and make sure that they are doing ok. Sometimes you get to do cool things like throw really reactive metals into water and watch them blow up! I have to be honest and say that out of the two and something hours that I’m there, I’m laughing for 95% of the time. As the TA you kind of get to set the mood in the room. Wohlrab is awesome and kind of gives me my own space and lets me do my thing, but other teachers are good too, which brings me to my second TA job for Dr.Baranowski and Bio 1.
This lab is different only because it is a group setting. It’s more open and you’ll have to walk around less and you’ll be helping three people at once instead of 1 but its always fun. The biology labs I would say are a little easier because you get to work with other people and so you have three minds working at once, whereas in chem lab its just you. Either way, I suggest being a TA to anyone who is interested because it is a really FUN job. I also recommend Dr. Baranowski too because she’s super nice and organized and again lets you do your own thing and help out. It’s good when the teachers let you have some charge because you get more of an experience helping kids and you’re more involved.
one last thing: these go as zero credit courses on your transcript.