Cars 2

I am a commuter. I am a movie lover. I did not know that Stockton had movie nights on Thursdays and Saturdays and when I found out, I sure freaked out. I think for anyone who doesn’t know about this, I hope you read this blog, or some other blog that tells you about it because its just such a fun thing to do (for movie lovers) that I just decided to write this blog as another way to get the word out to those of you who didn’t know.
I took my brother Ilia; he’s nine, to the Cars 2 movie night. He had a great time. I don’t think you are limited to just taking Stockton students. I think its open to the public but only Stockton students get the raffle tickets. Now not only is the movie free, they give you a snack, they give you a drink, they give you a free raffle ticket, then they raffle off more free stuff, and they even had cookies. It doesn’t get better than this. Now they show the same movie on Thursday and Saturday so if you have a busy day on Friday then you have that Saturday option. Or if you just want something to do, on a boring Saturday night then head on over to the Campus Center theatre at around 8 cause the movie starts at 8:30 and you want to get good seats.
I just want to thank who ever that came up with this cause I’m personally going to try and go to as many as I can. I hope at least one person benefited from this by learning about the movie night on Thursdays and Saturdays. If you go online and write “movie night” in the search box on you can find a list of movies that they are showing on each date. I’m pretty sure Harry Potter is going to be shown really soon, just letting you Harry Potter fans know.

The Osprey’s Ball

Let me begin by saying, I personally love all types of social gatherings. That does include dances. The Osprey’s ball overall was very nice. I feel like more people could have gone out of their way to match the 70’s theme, but its alright that they didn’t.
I’m going to try and recreate the night for those of you who did not go, or for those of you who did not know what to expect and want to know for next year. It took place in the Campus Center Event Room, so having it be a nice location was a given. The tickets were very cheap, even for someone spontaneous like me who had to buy it at the door for double the regular price. But if you are a planner, they were only 5 dollars! I think for those of us straight out of high school, and having the memory of prom in our minds: Five dollars is nothing. They were taking free photos and printing them out for us. You could pick from multiple frame designs and pose with your friends or your date. There was only one person taking pictures so the line for it did move slow, but since it was something fun to do, most of us didn’t mind.
The food was good. I personally enjoyed the chicken. I heard a hot dog spontaneously caught on fire. I kind of wish I could have witnessed that in person, but we cant get everything we want. The DJ wasn’t my favorite because he switched up the songs too fast, but that was a minor detail. The important thing was that you were surrounded by your friends and just having fun.
As for my favorite parts: The decorations were adorable and we could all take a little key chain home. The Cake, well the tiramisu was absolutely amazing. My one regret is not going back and getting more of it, because it was just divine. Overall, I think this is a great experience and a fun opportunity to get dressed up and have some fun with your friends.

Blog Post Fifteen – Freshman Life at Stockton College

Throughout the fall and spring semesters here at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, I have become a more responsible and confident individual. Not only have these feelings been a result of dorming and having a meal plan, but the services available to the students here have also been a great help. As I have previously mentioned, the Honors Program has played a large role, as well as the fitness programs and the nutritionist have helped me adjust to college life. There are also other services on campus that I have taken advantage of, such as the Academic Advising and the Career Center. The Service Learning Office has also played a large role because my outlook on service projects has improved immensely since arriving on campus. I am writing this blog from my point of view as a freshman student because I want other students that are possibly not on campus to realize what is available to them and experience the same feelings I have.

Blog Post Fourteen – The Honors Program

After being accepted into the Richard Stockton College, I wanted to continue challenging myself by applying for the Honors Program the college offered. I could not have been happier the day I found out I had been accepted into the program. Over the summer, I was welcomed into the Honors Family through the Honors Experience. It was a great time to meet new people, become adjusted to the campus, and learn some useful background information about adapting to freshman college life. When I arrived on campus, my first semester freshman seminar, Honors Life of the Mind, played a large role in getting used to college life. I became closer to my classmates, as well as, to the faculty involved in the program.

As I have continued my time here, I have realized the Honors Program has a lot more to offer than I had initially taken into consideration. I have frequently been using the Honors Center and talking to the upper classmen that are usually there. Also, although, my schedule conflicts with the Honors Program monthly meetings, I receive valuable email notifications about the different events the Honors Program is either hosting or involved in, such as the Day of Scholarship, Celebration of Creativity, and other fun events, such as the game night. As I continue my time here at Stockton, I hope to learn even more about the Honors Program and the wonderful students and faculty that are a part of this family.

Blog Post Thirteen – Movie Nights at the Campus Center

After a long, stressful week of classes and work, all I want to do on the weekends is relax. I am sure other students, like me, like enjoy the free time before the craziness begins again, which is where the movie nights at the Campus Center at the Richard Stockton College come in. Every week I look forward to seeing what movie they will be playing! I love the great options too; you can attend the evening movie either Thursday night or Saturday night. Yet, the best part is all the movies that are featured are free! Students even have the option of participating in the Osprey Movie Rewards Program!

The movies are held in the lobby of the Campus Center in the new event room. I always feel like I am in a real movie theater because of the high-definition screen and audio system, as well as the comfy seats! This semester I have seen some great films, such as Paranormal Activity 3, Twilight Breaking Dawn, and Sherlock Holmes 2. In the past, my friends and I have enjoyed watching Friends with Benefits and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My other favorite thing about movie nights is that Stockton College usually has movies available for students to watch before they are even out on DVD. Before I attended college, I was such a big movie fan, so when I found out about the Campus Center movie nights, I could not have been happier!

(I always check out the site to see what is playing that week, you can check it out to at:

Blog Post Twelve – Service Learning Event The Celebration of Creativity

As I have discussed in my previous blogs, I am completing Service Learning for two of my courses, the Honors Program and Public Health Marketing. I decided to work with the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum and complete marketing work for them. Through the Service Learning Office, I was put in touch with the marketing company that works with the museum, Ugly Baby Marketing, and the two women that run the business, Sherri Brentari and Karen Komo. By working for the museum and Ugly Baby Marketing, I was also introduced to another student, Stephanie Mak, who has been my marketing partner throughout the semester. We all agreed the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum was a great place for families to go and we want everyone to have the same perspective we have.

In order to complete this vision, we decided to create an event that involved the communities around the museum. The event was on April 21st and was called the Celebration of Creativity, the first event ever dedicated to the museum. I never understood how much work went into planning and organizing an event. I was in contact with numerous Stockton Staff and Professors, the coordinator of the Shore Mall, Daycare Facilities, Learning Centers, and Supermarkets for food donations. The Celebration of Creativity involved two contests and art work from Stockton, near by High Schools, and Daycare/Learning Center Facilities. The event went really well for the first time and I hope that I can work with the museum for my Service Learning Project for the following year so that I can run this event again! (I have attached the flyer underneath).

Celebration of Creativity Flyer

Blog Post Eleven – Celebration of Service

After participating in the Day of Scholarship, I wanted to share my Service Learning project with even more people and decided to attend the Celebration of Service on April 10th. The event was from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. that Tuesday located in the F-Wing Atrium, by the library. There were multiple clubs, organizations, and event information available throughout the day. I was really excited to participate in this event because I wanted to showcase my work once again and I even got my own table to present my service project! Also from attending the event, I obtained information from Student Development to help me promote my event, the Celebration of Creativity, as well as was introduced to a Marketing professor that helped me gain insightful information about the field I am currently working in.

However, compared to the Day of Scholarship, I wanted to discuss and promote the event itself, on April 21st, rather than discuss my experience with the project. The location was to everyone’s benefit because students, faculty, and staff travel through that area often throughout the day. Presenters, like me, were encouraged to bring flyers, pictures, and any other means of promotional or educational material. For example, I used the same tri-fold from the Day of Scholarship, but brought more flyers, magazines, and stood by my poster to encourage participation. Even though this was the 1st Annual Celebration of Service and I think it was a great success and hope that even more individuals and groups will be present next year!

Blog Post Ten – Day of Scholarship

The Day of Scholarship, on March 22nd, was a wonderful event where individual students or a group of students were promoted to present any type of service or educational project they have been working on from the fall 2011 semester or spring 2012 semester. I am currently a student in Public Health Marketing and the Honors Program, both which take part in Service Learning. For both of these courses, I wanted to attend the Day of Scholarship and discuss the work with the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum for my Service Learning Project. I made a tri-fold poster that talked about the museum, the fundraiser event we would be having on April 21st, and my experience working on this project.

This Service Project I am completing has become so much more than just a requirement for my class. I am involved in marketing work for the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum. It is a non-profit organization that is in need of much assistance and I am happy to say that I am a part of the helping process. I am also being assisted in this project by another Stockton student, Stephanie Mak, and two very important role models in the marketing field, Sherri Brentari and Karen Komo. Our main work has consisted of putting together an event to bring more attention to the museum and involve Stockton even more in the community. This opportunity has changed me in so many ways. I now feel confident in myself to take on larger responsibilities and become more involved in marketing and Stockton activities.

Blog Post Nine – Building Battles

On Tuesday March 27th, I woke up looking forward to a whole day of no classes and attending Building Battles! The reason we had no classes was because it was Preceptor Day for the upper class-men so I was excited to spend the day “battling the other buildings.” I have had the pleasure to part take in this event as a result of staying on campus in the dorms for my freshman year. The entire day was filled with great music, food, and activities for each building. The day was set up so that each building would be challenging the others in all different types of competitions.

These competitions were super fun, but some difficult for my building of all girls, such as the Tug-a-War battle. There was a Stockton Trivia Quiz, in which I learned some new, fun facts about the school, such as the tunnel connecting the bottom of F-Wing to the Campus Center. My floor even won the blueberry pie eating contest, and like I said we were all girls! My favorite battles were the two giant blow-up activities. The most fun blow-up was the two huge connected slides that you had to race your opponent on, and I am happy to say I won on that one! We took a break to enjoy delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers that had been provided for us. The rest of the day consisted of a flag battles, pyramid-people building, and much more. I wish I could stay in the dorms next year to do this event again!

Blog Post Eight – Keeping in Shape at Stockton

The day I decided to go to the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey I could not have been more excited and thrilled. However, no matter where I was going I dreaded gaining the Freshman Fifteen because I would be dorming, as well as getting a meal plan. At first, I was nervous about the choices I would make because of the Dunkin’ Donuts, Chick-Flit-A, Johnny Rockets, and Primo’s Pizza. However, after adjusting to my first semester here, I realized that it was possible for me to still maintain my weight, while enjoying my college experience.

By working for the Athletic Department, I became aware of the different services available to members of Stockton Community. I was introduced to the fitness coordinator, nutritionist and to the programs I can take in part in throughout the semesters here. My favorite fitness programs are Yoga and Boxercise! They are so much fun, yet I am still able to get a good workout. As a result of visiting the fitness coordinator, I had a fitness assessment completed to find out what areas I should work on while visiting the gym upstairs in the Sports Center. After visiting the nutritionist, I figured out that I can still work with my meal plan to maintain a healthy diet, while still enjoying the other treats, such as a delicious cookies-n-cream milk shake from Johnny Rockets, every once in a while.