Honors Holiday Party

The Honors Holiday Party was held as the Honors event for the month of December. This was a refreshing break to relax from studying for finals. It was fun to get in the holiday spirit with close friends and other Honors students. There were drinks, food, and desserts provided by Chartwells which was a nice touch as well.

It was optional to bring a gift, but to participate in the gift exchange game people brought gifts under five dollars. The game works where each person picks a wrapped gift from a pile and opens it. After each person opens a present they are given two choices of either keeping the present that they opened or “stealing” a more appealing gift from another person.

The presents that people unwrapped kept the game interesting. For example, there was a disco ball, box of pennies, and donut maker that was constantly swapped between people. Although I did not participate in the gift exchange game, I still had a good time watching other people swap presents. Overall, the game was very entertaining and everyone was satisfied with their present at the end for the most part. I am very glad that the Honors program organizes events like these every month. They are a great way to take a break from studying and enjoy time with friends while getting to know other people more.