Movie Nights at Stockton

Every Thursday night and most Saturday nights, the campus center theater plays new movies before they are released on DVD. There is also an opportunity to win raffle prizes, like gift cards for Wawa or movie posters, at the very end. Why not try to win a Wawa gift card? Stockton students love Wawa. In general, the movie nights are a very fun experience. It has the movie theater feel without the movie theater price. It is completely free for any Stockton student. There are even free snacks and refreshments, but you have to get there a bit early before they run out. The doors open at 8, but the movie does not start until 8:30. During that in between time, old Looney Tunes cartoons play. In that aspect, it is very reminiscent of an old time movie theater. Back in the early days of movie theaters, they played cartoons before movies, so it brings about a slightly nostalgic feeling of simpler times, even though none of us were alive in that time period. Even still, it is a great way to spend time with friends or even your boyfriend and girlfriend. There is nothing wrong with a free date. Since most of us are poor college kids, these movie nights are great because they are free and we do not have to spend an arm and a leg like we do if we go to any other movie theater. I would recommend these movie nights at the campus center to anyone, especially those looking for a fun way to spend their Thursday or Saturday nights without having to spend a penny.