Honors Executive Board Candidates 2012

Remember to vote! Check for an email on November 28 with a link to the ballot. You will have until Nov 30 to vote. Only one ballot per Honors student, please!

Student Director

William Goodheart

My name is Bill Goodheart and I am a sophomore here at Stockton and I currently hold the position of Peer Mentoring Advisor. I believe that I am best for the position of Student Director because I have dedicated myself to the Honors Program. I am very well organized, I am good under pressure, and I have experience being on the Executive Board. Being the Peer Mentoring Advisor, I have grown to be personable and cooperative with the many of the students in the program. When I joined the program a little over a year ago, I didn’t know that I was becoming a part of a family, and a successful family at that. I will strive to see the continuing success of the program until my graduation in 2014 as Student Director or not. I am not running for this position for myself, but for the whole of the Honors Program.

Assistant Director

Sage Mitchell

My name is Sage, and I’m from Wharton, New Jersey. I’m a freshman in the Honors Program, and I’m running for the position of Assistant Director. I think I would be good for this position because as a freshman, I have ample opportunity left in college to help improve the Honors Program. Though this is my first year in college, I have a solid grasp of how the program works, and I have ideas on how to improve it. If elected, I intend to work closely with the rest of the Honors Board, as well as everyone in the program to help everyone get through their college years a little easier.

Matthew Widjaja

Dear team, (no I’m not here to report another dead computer)

I am Matt Widjaja, and I am running for Assistant Student Director for two reasons. First, I know I have what it takes. I am the geek who is respectful of the past, mindful of the current, and dedicated towards a stable future program. I have the experience of being in this program long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work. I want to prepare the Executive Board, Program’s Communication, and Computer F244-2 for the future, not because it’ll be easy, but because it’ll be hard.
Second of all, I know you have what it takes. I want to hear what you feel and think about this program, because if you don’t express your thoughts, no one will ever know and nothing will change. I’m doing this because I love all of you and this program so much. Without this fantastical community, I would not be as successful as I am today. I know I’m in the Sophomore class, but I promise to represent you, irregardless of your class, major, housing preference, and Mac vs. Windows preference (yes I just said that). We need to remain protective of the foundation our upperclassmen & alumni left for us, while being fearless to build upon its successes. And you can bet all your flex dollars that I will represent this program until the very end.
I am Matt Widjaja, and I would be honored to represent you as the Assistant Student Director of the Honors Program.


Jaime Kinter

Hi kids, Jaime Kinter here! And I want you to vote for me for Events Coordinator Chair. I’m a sophomore here at Stockton and my goal as Events Chair is to make your semester as fun and eventful as possible. With the help of just a simple check mark on the ballot next to my name, you can make this a possibility. Events such as our Dodge ball Tournament and Pizza and Pong night will test your hand eye coordination as well as your teamwork skills. A night of Quizzo and a Scavenger Hunt will show off your skills in what truly makes you an ‘Honors’ student. I’d love to make the following semesters as wonderful as possible and hope that you agree that choosing me as Events Coordinator would make that a possibility! (:

Public Relations

Ben Peoples

My name is Michael Benjamin (Ben) Peoples, and I am running for the position of Public Relations Chair. I am a member of the Hughes Center Steering committee, Political Engagement Project, Student Senate, and several other organizations on campus. If elected I plan to use my connections in the several administrative offices around campus to further the goals and requests of the Honors Program as a whole. I also hope to be able to go out into the community and inform students considering Stockton College of our Honors Program.
Thank you, Michael Benjamin (Ben)  Peoples

Community Service

Momina Ayub

My name is Momina Ayub and I am re-running for Head of Community Service. I’m running for this position because I have lived in Galloway and the area around Stockton my entire life and I feel as though I can really help everyone find areas that they would really love to use as service projects or get hours from. As Head of Community Service, I have helped organize our most successful blood drives at Stockton thus far and because of those efforts, we now have two Spring Blood Drives rather than just one. I work closely with the volunteer office in ARMC so I am able to help process Honor Student applications so we can all volunteer quicker and get more out of our experiences.  I also know about volunteering at nursing homes and at the senator’s office and can thus help others who want to do that. I am very organized and I have experience in leading so I know I will be able to handle the responsibility of organizing future Blood Drives and other events as well as finding a balance that works for those individuals who are involved with service hours and those with the Service Projects. I am re-running for this position because I truly think I can provide more volunteer opportunities for Honor Kids and make the service requirement of the honors program less stressful.  I have a lot of ideas that I feel will help keep everyone on top of their hours and projects along with ideas of things the whole Honors Program can do together as service. I  hope to provide more opportunities to volunteer and let the community and Stockton as a whole really acknowledge the Honors Program for the wonderful program it really is.

Peer Mentoring

Zahara Ayub

Hi everyone! My name is Zahara Ayub, and I would like to run for the position of Peer Mentoring chair. Since I am a sophomore, I know how the old peer mentoring system worked, and I will try to bring back the best aspects of it, as well as incorporate things that have evolved with the new system. As we all know, it is not mandatory for upperclassmen to sign up to be a mentor, and now it is not required for mentees to regularly meet with their mentor. I will work to make it so that there are at least some required meetings throughout the semester. This is important because some of the freshmen will not know about all of the aspects of registration. If someone can explain the important things to them, like CAPP evaluation, I am sure that the process will be way less stressful for them. If they don’t have to meet with their mentor, they may not even realize that they had questions to begin with. Giving the option of meeting with a mentor allows many to dismiss the service since “they don’t have to do it”. I have also been thinking of a fun event that can be worked out with the events coordinator, where mentees and mentors compete in teams in some sort of game. This would create a stronger integration among the freshman and the upperclassmen, as well as a fun event where everyone can become comfortable with their mentor/mentee. I truly do care about the Honors Program, and I wish to see it develop into an even more accomplished program than it already is. In my experience, the peer mentoring program is a life saver for freshman (Hi Katie Baker! :D). It is a helping hand from someone who cares and wants to help freshman assimilate into the Program, but also into the Stockton community. It’s hard to adjust to college, and this program offers a friend to incoming freshman right of the bat. I want to be able to give back to the program by helping others in the position I once was in.

Kimia Kheirkhah

Hi! My name is Kimia Kheirkhah, I am a freshman and I am running for the position of peer-mentoring.  I am very outgoing and I’m always in a fun happy mood (as most of you can tell).  I love making new friends, meeting new people and helping everyone out.  My mentor this year was Bill and he really helped me get a firm grasp on what my major requires and the options I had with exploring different academic experiences.  When I found out I could run for the same job, I instantly knew this was the job for me.  I told one of my friends “I want to be the mother hen to all the little baby chicks coming in as freshman next year!”  And I do.  I feel like being as outgoing as I am, I’ll be able to easily make the incoming freshman feel welcome and comfortable.  I’m also very organized so that will help me stay on top of things.  Since I truly care about people and am interested in helping them, I’ll take my time getting to know the freshman and making sure that they are settling in alright into our friendly Stockton environment.  It’s important for me to have the next group of Honors students feel as though they have guidance and don’t feel lost.  Even though I’d be matching up the freshman to their mentors based on majors and academic interest, I’d be following up on making sure they have been able to maintain contact and getting the guidance they need.  The most important thing to me is making sure there is a strong connection, not just between the mentor and the mentee, but between everyone in the honors program.  Even though I had an amazing mentor, I have learned countless more things from all the honors upper classmen in the Honors Program and I would like the incoming freshman to feel like everyone in the honors program can help them.  This is because we each have our own specialty, interest, and something unique to offer; no one person can know everything. I hope you guys support my vision for the incoming freshman and my goals.  A vote for me is a vote for a connected and united Honors Program.  Thank you.


Maryse Biernat

Hi, my name is Maryse Biernat and I am running for the Fundraising Chair. I am currently a first semester sophomore. I am running because I feel that more can be done with this aspect of our program and I have some ideas that will utilize other campus activities to reach these goals. I am organized and responsible and can fully be trusted with this position. I hope to make use of events such as welcome week and the homecoming weekend in order to raise some more money. One tentative idea is to have some students giving henna tattoos for a couple of dollars during welcome week. I also want to increase our sales of the retro t-shirts and to come up with some other designs that will appeal to the general Stockton community. Finally, I want to work with the Community Service Chair to start raising some money that will be donated to charities. All of these ideas are meant to make the program more visible on campus and to bring in funds that can be used for more events and to contribute to the community.  Any suggestions, ideas, or criticism will be taken into consideration for any future fundraising events. Thank you for taking time to read this and please vote for me!

Junior Class Representative

Brittany Strevell

I would like to be the class representative for the Class of 2013 because I am very in-tune with the needs and opinions of other Honors students in my class. I am friendly with all of my fellow Honors juniors and would be more than happy to take the time to listen to their concerns. I care a good deal about all of my friends in the Class of 2013 and would work whole-heartedly to voice their opinions loudly to Professor Rosner and the Honors Advisory Board and to work towards the implementation of any policy changes that they desire.

Sophomore Class Representative

Eddie Horan

Hey, sophomores!  I decided to run for the position of Class Representative because I wanted our class’s voice to be heard so that its issues could be discussed.  Of course, with the number of our classmates running for positions on the Board, it seems that making our presense known will not be an issue.  At any rate, should you have a problem or suggestion, I would like to be the one to whom you tell it: you can rest assured that I will relay any and all sophomore-related issues to the Honors Executive Board in a calm, friendly, and grammatically correct voice.  This process, we must recognize, is a two-way street: I would like not only to keep the Board abreast of your issues, but to keep you in the know about the Board as well.  If you elect me, this is sure to happen.  As the only candidate for the position of Sophomore Class Representative, I sincerely hope that you will choose me to represent you.

Freshman Class Representative

Randy Weible

My name is Randy Weible, and I am from South Jersey. I am currently enrolled as a Freshman in the Honors Program here at Stockton College. I am running for the position of class representative because I believe that it is very important for our class to get involved with the executive aspects of the Honors Program. Because this is our first year, we as freshman have the potential to shape and improve the program for future years. I have already attended several Honors meetings this semester, in addition to an Honors Advisory Board meeting. As class representative, I plan to attend future Honors and Advisory Board meetings and speak on behalf of the entire Freshmen Honors Class, addressing problems and concerns specific to our class. It is understood that these meetings do not fit into everyone’s busy academic schedule, and so it is my plan to represent the class at these meetings, getting answers to questions and delivering the necessary information back to my peers. In addition, I hope to work closely with the upperclassmen, in improving certain aspects of the Honors Program for the years to come.