Honors Night: Pizza and Pong

On Thursday, October 20th, the Honors Program had an event called “Pizza and Pong” at Lakeside. The occasion was to dress up for Halloween while getting to know the other students in the Honors Program. This event was open to both upperclassmen and underclassmen. The night was filled with funny and frightful costumes while everyone had fun playing water pong or simply just enjoying each other’s company. Many pictures were taken with everyone in their costumes, but more importantly these pictures hold the memories that we shared as a group that night.

I am glad that I decided to come to this event since it was nicely organized by the upperclassmen. They included upbeat music along with a variety of food and refreshments. The upperclassmen were also friendly and very open to talking to the incoming freshmen. I appreciated the fact that they asked us if we had any questions about the Honors Program or Stockton in general. It was comforting to know how friendly everyone was. I instantly felt welcomed into the group and even made some new friends.

At the end of the night, one of the upperclassmen mentioned that there will be another Honors event next month. Together, we discussed possible plans for the next meeting. Potential ideas included a giant game of twister, a scavenger hunt, or a movie night. I am definitely looking forward to attending the next one. The Honors group truly is a warm and close-knit community. Attending the “Pizza and Pong” made me even happier with my choice to join the Honors Group.