Blog Post One – Eighth Annual Day of Service

Community service is one of the most important activities an individual should be involved in and is rewarding in so many different areas. I am happy to say I attend Stockton College because here I am part of a community that understands this and wants to give back. Stockton encourages its students to volunteer and presents different enjoyable opportunities to aid the community, without serving feeling like an obligation. One of these is their day of service.

By attending the Eighth Annual Day of Service on September 10th, I was able to voluntarily spend the day with students and faculty like myself making a difference. It was a lot of fun. We had the chance to lend a hand on and off campus, meet new people, and enjoy some free food throughout the day too! I personally helped outside the college at the Covenant House in Atlantic City, which is an organization dedicated to getting young adults adapted to independent living. Our group of six was split up and assigned to washing the organization’s vans and weeding at their second location. I had a nice time and wished we could have stayed longer to assist in a few other jobs.

It is really great that Stockton has a day dedicated to service because volunteering gives people the chance to step out of their comfort zone and not only change someone else’s life for the better, but to also change their own. I have been engaging in different social work my whole life and I know there is no greater pleasure than making a difference. I have gained a higher respect for others and a greater appreciation for the life I have been blessed with. Everyone has the power to give their time and effort to help others. Through the experiences that can only be gained through community service, we grow in compassion and learn that serving is anything we can do to support others.