Labor Strikes of the 1900s

In the early decades of the 1900s the US was plagued with labor strikes, all ranging from peaceful protests to sometimes riots breaking out in the streets.  Generally speaking the reasoning behind these strikes were because of the harsh ruling by the owners of the companies or organizations and most lasted only few days until workers’ demands were met.  In 1919 alone a total of 4 million workers go on strike resulting in only 18 deaths in a steel industry strike.

Because of the growing number of strikes organizations such as the American Legion were created.  These groups mostly comprised of WWI veterans whom were hired to forcefully put an end to protests by almost any means necessary.  To no surprise usually after these organizations got involved the workers returned to work with little or none of their demands met.

Almost all these strikes could easily be blamed on the actions of the owners for neglecting their workers’ rights, under paying them, and not giving them their basic needs for health and safety.  Some may ask why the government couldn’t put a stop to these an easier way than sending in military, and the truth is, they could have.  Most of the demands workers wanted were the same rights that is required by law today.  After learning about all this workplace discrimination it makes me glad that the world we live in today has specific standards employers are required to meet.

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