The Movement Begins

Origins of the Movement


Affluent college students, professors and other idealistic members of the community felt that there was a different way to leave and came together on the idea of living communally. They seemed to migrate to an area called the Haight District and began their endeavor. In the beginning the movement was completely unorganized and Hippies were basically separatist and did not conform to normal society. Police and the rest of the community took notice to the presence of the Hippies, mainly because of their excessive drug use and not so cleanly way of living. After a while because of their way of living the Hippies began to get sick from starvation and being dirty. They realized that in order for their way of life to continue, they had to conform to society enough to shelter, feed, bathe and cloth member of the movement. People started getting jobs, cleaning themselves and becoming more productive members of society, while still living in community and attempting to find new ways for the world to be a better place.
panhandle park


After the movement got a little organized the members were able to protect a beautiful park called the Panhandle of the Golden Gate. The park was supposed to be demolished to build a new section of freeway that would save commuters six minutes when going over the Golden Gate Bridge. The park was the “spiritual center” of the Haight District and it was a beautiful park where not only the Hippies spent time but so did other members of society. In the final vote the decision to save the park was won by one person’s vote on the board of San Fransisco supervisors. Beginning to get organized allowed the Hippies to realize that together they could change things, and even something as small as a park is a start on the road to change.


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