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Hi everybody. I thought it would be prudent for me to share another way to make Sankey diagrams since it seems that with Sankey diagram tools it is a “your-mileage-may-vary” type of scenario, and the first tool tried may not suit the project’s goals. Anyway, I found a free, open source Sankey diagram maker which is entirely web-based with no downloads and no need to make an account or requirement to identify the tool used in a final project. The website includes a comprehensive manual to walk a creator through the process of making the visual, and the manual and FAQ include a few tips for how to write and organize the scripts and move elements of the diagram around. Here are a couple of example visuals:

Before I provide the link, it is important to know that it seems that the project was being worked on by one person, and that the tool is unfinished. The manual is incomplete, and it appears that more features might be added in the future since the tool is still in beta. Despite this, it seems that many professionals are using this tool, as the twitter account associated with the tool has many cases of people sharing visuals they made and presented with the tool. Without further ado;

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