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Imagination in the classroom

This past week I participated in the #whatisschool chat hosted by Craig Kemp. They conducted a chat on something that I never really took the time to think about in an educational setting. The topic was about imagination and its role in education. Imagination in education plays a role in a learning, all people, and all places. It also can make teaching inspiring and meaningful to a student. The role of imagination can take away expectations and can allow for a cultural shift making anything possible. Amazing, right? Imagination REALLY does play a huge role in education. Imagination also has creative stages putting ideas together for us with no boundaries. Anything is possible!!! Within participating in this chat, it really opened my eyes on imagination and how it can be used. It can go beyond play time, and even storytelling in the classroom.  I want you as the reader to come up with your own wonderful ideas on imagination in the classroom? How do you implement it? And if you’re not a teacher yet, what ways will you implement it inside your classroom? Sound off!

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