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Victoria McAllister Interviews Steve Young

I had the pleasure of interviewing with Steve Young. He had spoken about a lot of things but two main things had really stuck out to me. Them being how the government is trying to take the water away and the availability that the youth have. He also mentioned the mistrust in the government which I thought was a very big thing. Mr. Young had moved from Washington DC in 1978 to Atlantic City. He said that he just got in his car and just drove some where’s and it led him to AC. Once he got there he had found a purpose. He had become a voice for the community. He was a community activist for Atlantic City. One quote that really stuck out to me was “you didn’t know the good from the bad till you got there.” He was talking about the people had to manifest it and that Trump made sure that people knew what he wanted the country to look like. At one point in the interview he was talking about how he used to hand out flyers door to door but now a days we have the advantage where the younger adults/youth have the advantage because 99% of us have cell phones and with a press of a button anything is out there. It is a much easier way to get the word out about stuff. He continued on telling us how the government would try to take the water away and in Atlantic City water is like gold and if you take away their water then you are pretty much taking away their way of life. The youth are major stake holders in our future. The role of the youth is key because the technology we have and it keeps improving. Though when we went to feed the hungry and homeless it put things more in perspective for me because it was right in front of your face. The hard times that people actually go through in Atlantic City and what they deal with. Though I didn’t speak with many members of the community that day, you could just see what people go through. The fundamental and powerful concepts that seemed most appropriate to focus on for me were the environment and power. I would say power because we have the power to change and get information out there with a press of a button. Then I would say environment because no matter where you come from the environment will change you. I look at where I was born and raised and see how people live and then I come to Stockton and it completely changed my way of thinking and opened my eyes to a lot of different things. Even though I would visit Atlantic City a couple times a summer, you really wouldn’t know what truly is going on there. People are blindsided to the truth about what is actually happening. Not only in Atlantic City but a lot of different towns that are suffering majorly.