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There are many different issues in Atlantic City that affect the environment as well as the people who live within the city. After partaking in an interview on individuals who are familiar with the problems that go on in the city, it was found that these matters not only affect the people who live in the county, but also affect people who live outside of the county.
During the Interview, the interviewee, Nina, mentioned that she is not from Atlantic County, but from ocean city and still is affected by a lot that goes on in Atlantic County. Nina is familiar with the area because of previous work in Atlantic City. She has worked in casinos as well as a social worker at the John Brooks Recovery Center. One thing that was mentioned several time throughout the interview that really stood out, was when Nina mentioned the JBRC was shut down and moved to Pleasantville. With the recovery center being shut down, she mentioned it was very difficult for people with no transportation to get all the way to Pleasantville. That being said, this is a clear example of the term “displacement”. This particular building was moved and relocated to a place that is inaccessible to people who live in Atlantic City and do not have the mean to get to the new location. This is not the only incident of displace that has occurred, and will not be the last. For instance, the Atlantic City rescue mission is in the process of being relocated due to its close proximity to the outlets in Atlantic City. The outlets are seen as a tourist site and with the homeless population that goes in and out the rescue mission, it is seen as a negative and the city wants to remove it. This is unfortunate because the homeless within the community will not have a place to receive food and seek shelter. The question that now arises is, where will these people end up? Will they end up in another town? Will that cause problems in the next town? It is very sad to see a building that helps struggling people in need of food and shelter be torn down just to please the needs of the tourists. The rescue mission has helped and changed the lived of many people that have struggled with addiction or even just simply were homeless. Many individuals were uplifted by the many workers and people who donated to the mission to help those in need in the city.