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While directing an interview with Atlantic City residents, many individuals that do not live in Atlantic City are affected equally compared to those who reside there. Some of the reasons may include loss of jobs, houses, and medical assistance. In the past, Nina the interviewee, explained that she was not a resident of Atlantic City. She is resident of Ocean County. Nina used to work in the casinos and John Brooks Recovery Center as a Social Worker. Although Nina worked in the casinos, she left before the casinos closed down. However, she experienced her occupation being moved to Pleasantville. John Brooks Recovering Center was a seen as a popular place where people would get help. It was brought to the city so that many drug recovering addicts would get help, and it brought more popularity to the city. The recovery center got people familiar with the city, and it remained a great reputation. Eventually, the state decided to relocate it due to wanting the land that it was occupied on. Due to the loss of the casinos and medical assistance, Nina stated “Atlantic City would be seen as a ghost town.  Nina went on to say, “Many people needs are being taken away, their homes are being foreclosed because they cannot afford it” and none the less she was right.

In Sociology, John Brooks Recovery Center location can be viewed as displacement. Displacement is a term that used when people or property are being moved due to renewals or plans that are going to happen in the community. According to the Press of Atlantic City, “after more than a decade of relocating a drug rehabilitation center tourism district in Atlantic City, the move is complete” (Wittkowski, 2014). The move is referring due to John Brooks Recovery Center. It was moved to the former PleasanTech Charter School in Pleasantville, NJ. 4.1 million dollars were spent to buy the recovery center and former YMCA Center. The plan for the recovery center was to serve more people because there were long wait lists to be admitted into the center. During the decision and process of moving John Brooks Recovery Center, Mayor Don Guardian and others said “it was not the location for a methadone clinic, in the middle of a Tourism District” (Wittkowski, 2014).


All in all, Nina brought up a good point, many individuals that live in Atlantic City do not have a way of transportation out the city. John Brooks Recovery Center was accessible, and easy to get to. John Brooks Recovery Center is one of the many places that has been moved, due to the town or state having different ideas of where it can be moved to or what is the best option for them financially.  According to Remember the Fillmore- The lingering History of Urban Renewal in Black San Francisco, displacement is stemmed from Urban Renewal (Jackson, 2012). Urban renewal being the redevelopment of areas in a moderate to high density urban land use.  Displacement leads to culture change in communities, evictions, and new rules. Atlantic City is one of the cities that should be used to its greatest potential by helping others and continuing to strive to the best of their ability.