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Kiara Thame Interviews Allen Maddox

As an active member of the Atlantic City community, Allen is a distinguished figure in the community as the coordinator of the feeding program held every Saturday at the Asbury United Methodist Church in Atlantic City. Our class had the opportunity to give back to the community to help with feeding the hungry on April 1st along with the guidance of Allen and other volunteers, who were there for the same cause to help feed the disadvantaged residents of Atlantic City. During my interview with Allen, he spoke about how the residents in Atlantic City should be more involved in all aspects of the community responsibilities being that there is a disconnection with the community and the state government. My interviewee expressed that residents should be outspoken for their voices to be heard through the local government level, such as voting and attending town hall meetings to express their thoughts and concerns to make significant changes. I can relate my interview with Allen to the fundamental and powerful concepts of interaction. For change to occur within an environment, the community must come together and stand in solidarity to fight for their wants and needs and for the government to hear the issues by which the community is affected by and to make proper changes based on the issues that are harming the residents of Atlantic City.

My interviewee expressed that he has a close connection to Atlantic City, being that he has worked for the Casino Commission for thirty- five years, he has seen the significant impact and change that the casino industry has done to the beautiful city which Allen says, “Gambling has brought down the value of Atlantic City.” I can relate this to the concept of the growth machine due to the time when A.C. was the prime attraction for its casinos that drew in a crowd of individuals with significant wealth and real-estate investors because of is thriving success of the casino industry that lasted for several decades. With Atlantic City being both an urban city and tourist attraction, the city has been through its ups and downs to a point now where the people want to revitalize Atlantic City to an amazing place that they have grown up to know.