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Greg Taylor Interviews Steve Young

After speaking with Steve Young, I believe Stockton moving to Atlantic City provides a huge impact to the residents and tourists. Steve Young is a public servant and community activist. He believes that there is a genocide against the people who have lived in AC the longest. People aren’t given their rights. There has been a decline in economic growth within the city. More and more people are losing jobs and are unable to provide for their families. Some end up
on the streets because they can’t pay the rent or forced to walk because they can’t afford the payments on a car. Families are starving and don’t know when their next meal is coming from.
Residents feel they don’t have a say in what goes on in AC. Young considers the relationship between the people, the local, and state government is like a dictatorship. It’s horrible because it’s not just Atlantic City who experience this same feeling. The country is supposed to be based on democracy and the best interest of the people. Each day more places experience these struggles and something needs to be done about it. There’s no trust in the community which cause division throughout the city. Steve Young believes today’s elderly and youth have a significant stake in Atlantic City. The elderly would provide the history of Atlantic City such as what is was like before the Casinos arrived. The youth is the drive and determination for change.
Stockton will be that push for change. Students and faculty would be more invested in the city. They would go into schools and be tutors for kids. They would provide other services for the community such as feeding the hungry. It would open up job opportunities for residents and I’m sure this would give a way for more people to go to college. Stockton can help shine light on the issues in AC. Stockton has money to create commercials and PSA’s. “Exposure brings change,” said Young. Being activists for change will help make a difference. There are strength in numbers. Stockton houses students from all over the state of New Jersey. Having people of different races, genders, etc. will unite the State as a whole for a greater good.