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As a teacher and artist from the West Atlantic City/Egg Harbor township area, Glynnis truly believes that bringing the arts to Atlantic City will help it prosper. An art exhibit would bring in revenue and something more than just the gambling culture. Glynnis said “Since 2015 we’ve had a lot of layoffs.. by this point last year a lot of jobs were lost, teachers.. tenured teachers.. lost their jobs. There were meetings about this with people concerned with losing their jobs.” This alone tells us how people really did notice what is going on around them, it is not just something looked at by a microscope. Teachers were upset. They lost valuable assets, such as teacher aids to help in the classrooms and also had to shift positions more. On the positive side of things, the art garage, which brings in artwork from children and local artist, and similar projects bring in more people who value teachers and education more than before. This changes the “Growth machine” that is known as Atlantic City, so instead of breeding an apparatus of institutions to suppress negative consequences, we just build positive ones instead (Logan & Molotch, 1987). This can create an environment change and alter the behavior of the area without necessarily disturbing those currently involved in it.