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When going into the black Lives matter meeting in Atlantic City I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was I going to see a bunch a people yelling and screaming how the police are after the black community, or was I going to see peace and how they wanted to change the community and other communities alike. And to be frank that’s what I saw, I enjoyed every bit of it. I also went into the meeting to interview a gentlemen named David. David is such a nice guy and when I saw him I was surprised he was active in the Black Lives Matter movement. I personally thought an old white guy like him just wouldn’t care and wouldn’t want to be bothered with any of it. But he proved me wrong, while interviewing him I could see a fire in eyes about the takeover and the movement. You could tell that he had a bitter taste in his mouth when he talked our local government and what they are doing to Atlantic City. When I asked David the question of How would he define what the Black Lives Matter movement in Atlantic City is about he answered with truth and he wanted to help the black community find justice and stop brutality from the police around the country. David Stated that “Black Lives Matter started with police murdering black men, and that this is a way to show that black lives do matter.”  In the interview David showed a powerful concept that we have discussed regularly in class. That concept that we have talked about is power, how I saw the power through his demeanor is indescribable for me to say. I could just tell that David really wanted to make a change in the country and he’s going to make that change starting with Atlantic City