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Alexis Cintron Interviews Councilman Shabazz

After taking this course, I have come to understand more on why Atlantic City is the way it is. As a resident of Atlantic City, the interview with Councilman Kaleem Shabazz was interesting because we were able to ask questions to an elected official and a current homeowner of Atlantic City. There were a few main topics that were discussed and Stockton coming to Atlantic City and gentrification were some of the topics we discussed. Also, the privatization of Browns park was mentioned during the interview. Browns park stood out to me because I personally see the difference in the park and to hear the initiative Atlantic City is taking to make these areas feel safer for tourist and most importantly the residents is a step to a brighter future for Atlantic City.

 Not everyone has the same views of Atlantic City and agree on what is happening and going to happen in the near future of the city. Councilman Shabazz had nothing but good things to say about Stockton coming to Atlantic city. “Stockton coming to Atlantic City is going to give us  jobs and more then all of that, it is going to give youngsters who are living in the urban area hope, and give them an opportunity to have a higher education but even more than that, it will give them examples of people who are doing positive things and give them a realistic example of how they can better themselves”. I could not agree and relate more to this statement because I spoke to my older brother about Stockton coming to the city and the first thing he said is “I need to go to college”. Stockton being in the Atlantic City, I believe will give young and older people the motivation to get a college education. There is so much opportunity in the city and it can all start at least, with getting a degree. I am not saying you must get a degree to be successful, bringing Stockton to Atlantic City will create jobs for the people. Also, with students living in the city, it will bring revenue to local businesses in the area.
Councilman Shabazz was interesting to interview because he holds many positions and he is also in the planning and development committee. He is in charge of processing people that want to do development in Atlantic City. So, he was there when Stockton presented the idea of bringing the university to the city. Stockton is not the only new development in the process. The Hard Rock casino is making its way to Atlantic City, which will also create thousands of new jobs. These new beginnings for the city will be great, but will ultimately lead to the gentrification of Atlantic city. Gentrification can be great in a number of ways such as redevelopment, revenue will be circulating through the city and lower crime rates. The downfall will could lead to the displacement of people. I don’t think it will be like that but there is a chance that it can happen
because when the Revel came to the city, the displacement of people did occur. No matter what, Stockton will be in Atlantic city in 2018. Councilman Shabazz does think the university will bring good to city.
The Brown’s park that Councilman Shabazz mentioned is a place where the homeless are and people participate in illegal activities involving drugs and narcotics no matter the time of day. With the new development of Brown’s park, they will be building a five-foot fence around it, along with brighter street lights and cameras. The fence will be a deterrent but will not keep everyone out, but with all those new additions to the park it will lower crime rates in that area. Before the interview I did not know what privatization of a public space was at the time of the interview but that is what is occurring at Brown’s park. the privatization of Brown’s park is for a good cause considering the history. The redevelopment of Brown’s park along with new and brighter street lights as Councilman Shabazz mentioned will make residents and tourists feel safer in Atlantic City.
The fundamental and powerful concepts this project relates to the most would be power, interaction and environment. Power related to this project because the new development of Stockton and the Hard Rock casino has the power to revive Atlantic City by providing thousands
of jobs to residents and nearby unemployed people. Interaction also relates because another part to this project was volunteering at Asbury Methodist Community Center in Atlantic City. I interacted with locals, other volunteers and personally served food to the homeless and
unfortunate. Environment relates because all of the new developments will affect the environment of Atlantic City.