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Alex Dannecker Interviews Reverend Williams

Governor Christie and the local government of Atlantic City, came to an agreement to have the state take over AC. Atlantic city citizens have lost all trust in their local and state government. Recently the Take Over Bill was passed taking away any say that the residents had in the community. Reverend William Williams sheds a little light for us on how the residents of AC feel about this big shift in power, “At the end of the day whatever sort of benefits that there might be from the takeover, are completely out weight by the fact that the city has been taken over, and that civil rights have been trampled on, and have been usurped, so, because of that there could be no friendly relationship with an evil power such as that.”
This is a very strong feeling towards the Take Over bill, but the major power shift has left the citizens of Atlantic City, with a government that does not care about them and are only there for financial stability in the tourism district of AC. This makes the life-long residents of Atlantic City wonder if they could ever trust their government again. It’s not something that is denied, we all know that the casinos brought a large majority of the revenue and jobs to AC,but what matters most is the life of the residents and the citizens. Atlantic County doesn’t forwardly try to make an impact on AC and that is hurting the community there, as the state has come in and is solely there to decrease debt and increase revenue.
Who is going to standup for the residents? Reverend Williams states “Attending meetings, and being involved, you get your voice out there by having an understanding of some of the issues, and then being able to articulate your passion, and then you work with a group of people, like-minded people who believe in the same thing, and work together through, protests, op-ed articles, Facebook posts,meeting, official statements.” It’s hard for a community who has being through so much turmoil, such as, the collapse of the casino industry, leave many people unemployed, and hurricane sandy, leaving many people homeless, and now the loss of a local government and a huge shift in power, leaving the people of Atlantic City feeling powerless, and forgotten about.
An example of a major way that the people of AC could receive help from out lying communities would be Stockton moving into the city but make it a key part of their role to help the citizens on their daily life. As a part of my class we went into AC and spent a day at a homeless shelter, feeding the less fortunate of Atlantic City, and it is small gestures like this that continue to help the community through tough time. When there is such a massive change in power, it effects the environment that it is taking place in. The only way to fight this is to come together and help each other out.