How Students Can Find Motivation During Pandemic Times

Students who were so used to being in traditional classrooms are having a hard time studying online. What can be done to change this? We have some valuable tips

Before the pandemic, it was hard to see a life where students couldn’t go to school or backpackers traveling the world. The world was one (social) village that we were happy with. After the disruption that came through the COVID-19 confusion, we have been changed for good. Students, parents, and teachers have been finding where to study during the pandemic, and we can now happily report that we have adapted to the new learning methods.

We came up with four strategies to stay motivated to study during this pandemic and beyond. 

Plan your Day 

If you want to know how to motivate yourself to do online school during quarantine, you may want to start by accepting that remote learning is the new normal. When you see it as normal to study online as opposed to a traditional classroom, you will slowly build a routine. There are several online essays about overcoming obstacles in life that could help you accept this new way of doing things. These free essay samples explain different scenarios that people have faced, including kids your age dealing with profound changes. They have been done by professional writers, and if you have similar texts to write for your assignments, they could save time on research and writing. 

You want to plan your day with a to-do list that helps you align everything you need to handle on that day, the same way you would if you went to school as usual. Plan your essay-writing time, assignments, study, and everything as you would typically do if a school was on. Having a routine makes it easy to manage your day and establish some form of normalcy. 

Take Short Breaks to Break Monotony 

All work and no play… Even in college, where you have so much to cover, you have breaks between studies. You want to incorporate these in your remote learning schedule, too, to stay motivated. You could establish a small window after writing your essay during which you could get on social media for a short break. Timing these breaks ensures you stay on track because it is easy to sidetrack your studies when no one is watching or monitoring your activities. This is the perfect time to be your own boss and work under minimum supervision. 

Schedule Get-togethers with Friends 

It’s easy to keep track of friends and have a social life while on campus, but you may find yourself isolated when they are out of reach or sight. This calls for some effort on your end. You want to make all efforts to stay in touch with those close to you even when you cannot see them daily. Organizing social parties and get-togethers helps you keep in touch, so you have someone to talk to whenever you need. Some people do not do well in isolation, so reaching out, even if virtually, lets them know they are not alone.  

Find a Hobby 

What do you do for fun? Read a book? Go to the movies? Host a sleepover? Some of these may have been impossible during quarantine, but it doesn’t hurt to get a new hobby. It would be even better if it involved physical exercise to pump up the blood and make up for all the sitting you will be doing when you cannot go to the university physically. This social media age makes it even more lucrative since your hobby could entertain millions of bored youth and make you some sort of influencer that brands will want to work with. 

If you find home workouts interesting, for instance, you could start building a brand around this by posting short videos of them on Instagram and TikTok. This gives you a break from the books while helping you build a brand you will be proud to associate with even in the future. 


There are a ton of things you could do during this pandemic to make learning more enjoyable. If you have mastered the art, you could write and publish a ‘what motivates you to learn’ essay for your fellow students struggling with the new way of doing things. It all starts with accepting the times we are living in, and the rest will follow. 

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