Case Study: THINK Global School

The last assigned chapter in our textbook deals with case studies of educators who have implemented a globally-minded curriculum for their classes. While all of the stories were fascinating, and the work of these educators is impressive, the case study that stood out the most to me talked about THINK Global School (TGS). TGS is a high school that travels around the world throughout the school year, spending each semester in a new location. According to the school’s website (see embedded link below), students receive a standard high school education, along with academic advising that will allow them to be competitive when applying to universities. The school also states that students have the opportunity to study in unconventional locations, but will spend most of their time in a standard classroom in the host city. The idea behind this school is revolutionary and certainly pushes the expectations of what it means to be a “global school”. I think this is definitely an interesting way for students to learn about other countries and cultures. In a sense, it’s essentially like an extended study-abroad program, except students will not be going to the new country alone, and they will not have to make an entirely new group of friends after they arrive. As a future teacher, however, I cannot help but think about this from the perspective of someone working for the school. I might argue that the ideal educator for a school like this would be someone without children or a spouse with a permanent job of his or her own, as it would likely be difficult for everyone to adjust to the constant traveling (not to mention, unfair to a young child who would have to switch schools several times per year). I’m sure there are plenty of people who fit this description, and I’m glad that an opportunity like this exists for students who truly want to see the world while receiving a proper education.

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