For Stockton Undergraduates

Advanced undergraduates who have completed a minimum of 96 undergraduate credits and have an overall GPA of at least 3.5 are eligible to enroll in an AMST course.

• Registration in classes for qualified undergraduates will be on a space-available basis once all matriculated students have registered. Qualified undergraduates need to complete the “Graduate Course Access Form” and will need the instructor’s permission (a POI) to register for an AMST course.

• Full-time undergraduate students who enroll in AMST graduate courses will be charged flat-rate undergraduate tuition and fees plus a surcharge of $100 per credit for the graduate courses they take.

• An AMST course taken for credit by undergraduate students will count as upper-division undergraduate credit. Consult your preceptor to determine your allocation of credits.

• Undergraduates will receive three (3) undergraduate credits each for AMST course they take.

• An AMST course taken by an undergraduate can be counted toward the required credits needed for the MA degree in American Studies if the student has earned a B or better.

Qualified undergraduates are limited to a maximum of six credits (2 courses) of graduate study toward the M.A. and three credits toward the Certificate in American Studies. Consult the MAAS Director to have credits earned as a qualified undergraduate count toward your degree.

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