Asking for a Recommendation

When should I approach a professor for a recommendation?
As with all recommendations, it is best to ask your professor if s/he is willing to write a recommendation for you AT LEAST 2 weeks before the deadline. If your professor agrees to do so, please send him/her the link to the form below and remind her/him that the form should be emailed to the MAAS Graduate Director by 10/31 or 3/31 (or dates specified for the South Jersey Institute GAs). Students should also ask if their recommender would like to see additional information before writing on their behalf (this might include a Curriculum Vitae (CV, an academic term for a resume), your cover letter for applying to be a GA, an explanation of why you want this position, etc.). It is a courtesy to e-mail the people recommending you when you learn whether or not you received the fellowship, to notify them of your standing and to thank them for their efforts on your behalf.

Graduate Assistant Recommendation Form