Applying for a Graduate Assistantship

Applications should be emailed to the MAAS Director. They should include the following:

1. An application, see the Graduate Assistantship handbook, pp. 10-11 (including the application form and a letter of interest/cover letter)

2. An up-to-date unofficial copy of your MAAS transcript (only MAAS grades are relevant. There is no need to include undergraduate transcripts or transcripts from earlier institutions).

3. Newly enrolled students who have not previously received grades in MAAS, should contact two of their current MAAS professors and ask them to fill out the GA recommendation form available here. Complete recommendations should by emailed by the professor directly to the current MAAS Director.

Students who have previously or are currently working as GAs, should ask their most recent GA sponsor to fill out the same form. Your recommender should email the form directly to the MAAS Director.