Society for American Studies

The Society of American Studies seeks to promote knowledge of American Studies as an academic area of study and as a professional career choice. This Society shall serve as a means of uniting students currently enrolled in the Master of Arts or Certificate in American Studies programs, while enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the field of American Studies. As a discipline, American Studies has examined the forces that have historically held together Americans, the ongoing debates over what it means to be “American,” and the counter discourses created by those who have historically been excluded from that identity. It has also investigated how multiple American cultures have shaped and continue to influence individual, local, regional, national, and transnational identities and power. Such an approach places diverse American cultures within a global context, tracing the intersecting flows of people, ideas, and power across national borders.

The Society of American Studies meets regularly to socialize, explore professional opportunities, and plan and attend events that promote American Studies. Check the Society of American Studies OspreyHub page for updates about meeting times and places.