AMST 5890 – THESIS, 6 credits

Students who choose to write an American Studies thesis work with a Faculty Advisor to identify and define an interdisciplinary thesis topic that contributes to the field of American Studies. This is a six-credit, two-semester research tutorial that involves two mandatory parts. First, students research the secondary literature, compile a substantive bibliography of primary and secondary sources, and write a thesis prospectus including a discussion of the location of the project within the literature, the core research questions, sources, anticipated arguments, and methodologies. Second, students research the proposed thesis, formulate and defend an argument, and write it under the direction of a Thesis Advisor. Students are required to participate in a formal defense of their work.

For details regarding Thesis Guidelines and Requirements, see the Thesis Manual. Be sure to complete both the thesis committee form and independent study form.

To strengthen the interdisciplinary aspects of American Studies theses, the Thesis Chair must be an American Studies faculty member in a DIFFERENT field than at least one of the other two readers.