Master of Arts Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in American Studies consists of a total of 30 hours of graduate credit (equivalent to 10 classes at 3 credits each), to be completed in a combination of Core Courses, Electives, Independent Studies, and Internships. The electives must be drawn from at least two of three categories: Periods Electives, Approaches and Applications Electives, and Topics Electives.

*** With permission of the Program Director, students may apply up to three graduate courses from outside of American Studies toward their elective requirement. This might consist of graduate courses in Stockton’s Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program (MAHG) and/or in one of the Master of Arts in Education programs, including MAIT, MAEL, and MAED. For further details, see Core Courses and Electives.

*** For an explanation of these categories, see Curriculum. To see Elective courses divided into these categories, see Electives.