Students who wish to enroll in AMST 5900 Internships are responsible for finding their own internship. They should begin by reviewing the MAAS potential internship list. Students might also consult their preceptor, check the H-Amstdy listing, on-campus bulletin boards, Facebook, the American Studies website, Society for American Studies meetings and events, newspapers, internship agencies, and Stockton’s Career Center. For additional information contact Dr. Michael Rodriguez (Stockton’s Washington Internship Program Liaison), Dr. Adalaine Holton (chair of American Studies Internships), and/or Mr. Daniel Tome (Coordinator of Service Learning).

It is expected that students undertaking a 3-credit internship will accumulate 90 hours over the course of the semester (6 hours per week x 15 weeks).

Conversely, students who wish to receive 6-credits for their internship should accumulate 180 hours over the course of the semester. Total hours may include time for independent research and writing.

Interns are also required to fulfill assignments outside of their internship developed by their on-site supervisor. Possible assignments include keeping a journal, writing reaction papers to related events, conducting an informational interview with someone in the field, a self-assessment, an assessment of the experience, and/or an assessment of the institution’s needs and a project to move the institution toward an outlined goal.