Core Courses:

Certificate and M.A. students must complete both core courses. It is recommended that the core courses be taken at the beginning of a student’s graduate studies.

AMST 5000 Proseminar in American Studies
AMST 5001 Research Methods in American Studies


Certificate students must complete three electives and may draw from any of the categories below.

M.A. students must complete six to seven electives. At least two of the electives must be in two of the three categories listed below (Periods Electives, Approaches and Applications Electives, and Topics Electives).

Periods Electives (P) examine a particular historical time period from the perspective of multiple disciplines and intellectual paradigms

AMST 5007 Contemporary America
AMST 5018 The Sixties: History, Politics and Culture

Approaches and Applications Electives (A) explore a particular theoretical or methodological approach in American Studies.

AMST 5002 Critical Theory and American Studies
AMST 5005 Teaching History through Historic Places
AMST 5011 Digital Humanities
AMST 5012 Pragmatism
AMST 5013 Museum Studies: Special Projects
AMST 5015 Documenting America: Film Analysis and Practice
AMST 5017 Teaching American Studies
AMST 5022 Superheroes, Politics, & America
AMST 5023 Ethnography of the U.S.

Topics Electives (T) interrogate a particular issue or theme related to the cultures of the United States and/or the Americas.

AMST 5003 Literature of the Americas
AMST 5004 19th Century American Art
AMST 5006 The Hero in American Drama
AMST 5008 The U.S. and the World
AMST 5009 Worlds of Moby-Dick
AMST 5010 American Sexualities
AMST 5014 Africans in the Americas
AMST 5019 Identity Narratives in Black Culture

Electives to be assigned to one of the elective categories above – Periods, Approaches and Applications, or Topics – in consultation with faculty advisors:

AMST 5020 Study Tour
AMST 5090 AMST Transfer Elective
AMST 5800 Independent Study*
AMST 5890 Thesis (6 credits)**
AMST 5900 Internship***

* Students may complete two courses (6 credits) as independent studies. Students seeking to take additional independent studies must petition the MAAS Director who will consult with the American Studies program prior to approval.
** Students choosing to complete a master’s thesis will engage in a 6-credit, two semester research tutorial directed by an American Studies faculty member serving as the Thesis Advisor.
***Students completing internships must also fulfill assignments outside of their internship developed by their on-site supervisor (Internship Coordinator). A 3-credit internship is available (90 hours) and a 6-credit internship is available (180 hours).
For course descriptions, please see the online Course Catalog.