About American Studies

American Studies Mission Statement:

Stockton’s graduate program in American Studies crosses disciplinary and professional boundaries in an effort to explore the multiple cultures that comprise the United States within both regional and global contexts. American Studies asks what it means to be “American.” It interrogates the forces that hold Americans together, while also recognizing that “America” has always been a contested category whose meaning has changed over time. American Studies at Stockton is both transnational and multi-disciplinary. It places diverse American cultures within a global context, tracing the intersecting flows of people, ideas, and power across national borders. It also incorporates interdisciplinary fields, including Latin American and Caribbean studies, women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, Native American studies, Africana studies, Jewish studies, postcolonial studies, and studies of American culture and the environment.

Participation in the program can lead to an M.A. in American Studies (30 credit hours) or a Certificate in American Studies (15 credit hours). American Studies courses are also open to non-matriculated students.